The Sarah Key Method

Sarah Key is an Australian Physio with an international reputation for treating problem backs. Sam Seal is now accredited in the Sarah Key Method of spinal treatment.

A relatively new and very exciting method of treating back pain (both lower and upper pain). Sarak Key proposes that ‘simple back pain’ develops when an intervetebral disc loses water content and stiffens. This can be painful in itself and it also restricts movement of that spinal segment.

Over time this stiffness progresses and has a knock on effect to the spinal joints above and below. Without attention or treatment this can lead to acute episodes of back pain or long-term chronic lower-back pain.

Sam is now qualified and specially trained in the Sarah Key Method (SKM) and can use the heel of the foot to effectively mobilise these stiff spinal segments, creating greater forces on the spine with much less pain for the patient and less effort for the therapist.

Sarah Key’s unique method of mobilising a stiff spinal segment is followed by specific spinal decompression treatment to introduce pressure changes through spinal segments that make immediate use of segmental freedom gained with the the treatment. These procedures use the Back Block Routine (also available through Sam Seal Sports Therapy at the price of £9.99) to improve disc nutrition and strengthen the muscles that control the individual spinal segments.

You can find out more information about the Sarah Key Method and what it entails via the following links:-